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Rancho Santa Fe

6,200 acres of picturesque country estates, equestrian facilities, and upscale boutiques.

Rancho Santa Fe

Referred to locally as “The Ranch”, Rancho Santa Fe is a bedroom community located in San Diego County. The community is known for its rural ambiance, spacious lots and its famous residents who choose the area for its privacy and aesthetic appeal. Homes for sale in Rancho Santa Fe range from quiet getaways to stunning luxury homes. Whether you are looking for a beautiful estate or a secluded getaway property, Rancho Santa Fe is an ideal place to put down roots.

Today, Rancho Santa Fe encompasses 6,200 acres of picturesque country estates and luxury homes for sale, many of which include facilities for horses and riding trails. In the 2000 census, it was named the wealthiest community in the nation.

Rancho Santa Fe is located approximately five miles inland from the ocean, within easy access to strolls along the beach, swimming, sunbathing and other relaxing activities. The community is also home to several clubs, including garden, golf and riding clubs, and art, book and library organizations.

The central village is dotted with upscale boutiques, shops and fine restaurants. By popular demand of the residents, no mail is delivered to homes. Residents retrieve their mail at the post office and gather in the village for morning coffee or to greet friends and neighbors as they stroll through the peaceful streets and enjoy the ambiance of this luxurious community.

Enjoy a variety of events in and around Rancho Santa Fe, from golf tournaments to festivals and fundraising events. This small and tranquil community hosts many social activities. Visit the Rancho Santa Fe Del Rayo Village Farmers Market on Sunday mornings, or take part in the annual Bastille Day fundraiser at the Fairbanks country club.

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