Senior Moving Success: Resources that Can Help Ensure a Smooth Transition

When a senior member of your family is facing a move, the process can feel overwhelming. Relocating is difficult at any age, but for older adults, there are some additional considerations to take into account. While a big move probably can’t be made completely stress-free, there are some strategies families can incorporate to minimize the issues their senior loved ones may be struggling with.

How to help your loved one downsize
Older adults sometimes feel as if they don’t have any control when it comes to moving. They may be relocating to be closer to family or downsizing into a home that is easier to manage. Regardless of the reasons, do all you can to help them ease into the transition. Here are some helpful links to get started:

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Take your time downsizing, and make room for sentimental items

Be mindful when helping your senior loved one in the process of sorting through all of their belongings. Older adults will typically need to downsize their belongings for a smaller home, meaning that some difficult decisions need to be made about what to take and what to rehome.

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Hire help to alleviate some of the stress

Moving is always a time-consuming process. For many families, reaching out for professional help is a great option. Connect with your real estate agent at Neda Nourani & Associates, who can help your loved one sell their home and find a new one. They can also connect you with packers & movers who can make this transition easier.

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Moving as a senior is a difficult process. Family members can make the experience easier by creating a firm plan and respecting their loved one's emotions throughout the transition.

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