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Home Improvement Projects that Should Be Left to the Pros

While there are numerous home improvement projects that you can DIY, it’s best to leave the big repairs to the professionals, especially if your intention is to make your home safer and healthier for living and working. Such projects are either too complex, specify a permit, or require a high level of expertise. Besides, you may gauge a home improvement project and decide that the amount of effort, time, and energy that it would take you may be too much in comparison with what it would take a professional.

Real estate expert Neda Nourani outlines a few projects best left to professionals.

Roofing Work

 While it might seem simple enough to replace shingles or patch a hole in your roof, a DIY approach is ill-advised. Besides the inherent danger involved for those who aren’t trained professionals, you want to ensure quality workmanship when it comes to your home’s roof. Your best bet is to work with local pros who are qualified, reputable and insured. Whether it’s for a repair, replacement or just general maintenance, a contractor worth their salt should promise a job that meets your expectations.

Major Painting Projects

When it comes to a single room or a door, DIY painting is pretty straightforward and can be easily accomplished. For larger and more involved projects, however, working with painting professionals is advised. An expert painter will be able to tackle an entire exterior repaint with results that show it was handled by a professional. The same holds true for complex interior paint work. High ceilings, hard-to-reach places, wallpaper removal and the like are best left to professionals who can more deftly address these changes. Not only do pro painters have the experience, but they also have the necessary gear and higher ladders.

Mold Removal

Mold spreads fast, and Medical News Today asserts that major health issues to your family can arise from mold such as infections and allergies. While some people can utilize DIY mold removal methods, most of them are ineffective long-term. In most cases, the mold re-emerges.

Professional mold removal services have the proper equipment to detect and remove the mold completely. Professionals are thorough in their approach to ensure that they detect all areas affected, deal with the source of moisture, remediate the affected areas, as well as filter and clean the air to remove any debris and spores in your home.

Asbestos Testing and Removal

The Environmental Protection Agency banned use of asbestos in 1989. Still, homes built in the early 20th century may contain asbestos. For the most part, if you are not drilling or ripping off these materials, asbestos does no harm. When it comes to a home improvement project that includes changing or repairing tile flooring, insulation and roofing, it is important to hire an asbestos testing and removal company to safely remove any traces of it.

Major Plumbing Repairs & Installations

With basic plumbing tools, Bob Vila notes that you can easily DIY simple plumbing repairs -- like replacing an old faucet with a new one. However, plumbing repairs and installations such as installing new pipes, sinks, and tubs, dealing with water heater issues, and septic tank and sewer line leaks require a professional plumber. If your attempts to do simple repairs are unsuccessful or keep recurring, it is an indicator that the issue is more complex than you thought and should be handled by a professional.


Electrical Repairs & Installations

Electrical issues are complex and better left to the pros as well. A mistake in electrical works (such as in wiring) poses a great risk of electrocution or fire. Depending on the complexity and extent of your electrical-related work, it may also require permits.

In most cases, such permits are only issued to licensed electrical professionals. In addition, electrical work requires specialized equipment and tools. Professionals already have this equipment, and if you had to do it yourself, you would need to buy the necessary tools, which could significantly increase the cost of your project. There is a lot at stake when it comes to electrical work. It is best if you hire a professional electrician to handle it.

DIY home improvements can be rewarding because it brings a sense of accomplishment and saves money. However, when it comes to the bigger jobs, it’s best to trust and invest in the experts.


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